June 5, 2013 Chapter Meeting Update

We had a great meeting last night!  Committee members  and officers present included: Glen Cannon, Secretary; Lynette Hoy, President; Michael Herz; Ofelia Miran; Alex Roseborough.

Discussion and topics included:

1.     Plans for advancing chapter membership and NAMA Standards

a.     Members were encouraged to join the Linkedin group for NAMA

b.     Lynette reported that MCNAMA is linked to NAMA website.

2.     Administrative needs: Membership cards and receipts needed. Mike will    develop  membership cards and receipts.

3.     Ideas and future direction.

a.      Alex and Lynette will be working on VA project,  seek funding  for vetting vendors to provide services and report at the next meeting.

b.     Alex will check into radio and TV opportunities for MCNAMA

c.      Mike suggested offering CEU for chapter meetings.

                                                              i.      Lynette will check with NAMA for CEUs

                                                            ii.      Glen will check with NBCC and NASW. 

4.     NAMA standards for CAMS-II were discussed and the requirements  are listed on the NAMA website.

5.     NAMA fall conference (Oct. 24-25 in Tucson) was discussed. Lynette and Alex will be representing MCNAMA. See Conference description and registration information.

6.    Next meeting set for July 10, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at a location to be determined. Members will be notified as to location the first week of July, 2013.

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