May 8, 2014 Chapter Meeting

May 8, 2014
Members Present: Lynette Hoy, Glen Cannon, , Juana Rivera Vidal, Ofelia Miran, Mary Engholm, Douglas Mallory, Linda Mccarrin, Erving Lugo, Lynsey Steiner.

Meeting called to order by Lynette Hoy at 5:30 pm
Welcome and Introductions by Lynette Hoy
1. Approval of Minutes for April 2, 2014 Board Meeting.
a. Motion to Accept : Ofelia Miran
b. Passed unanimously.
2. Financial report was presented by Lynette Hoy.
a. Checking balance of $352.50.
b. This balance does not include fees for tonight’s workshop or additional membership fees. These will be updated by Lynette at the next meeting.
c. Move to accept financial report by Ofelia Miran, seconded by Glen Cannon and unanimously passed.
3. An overview of MCNAMA’s purpose, goals and objectives as originally presented in MCNAMA’s original charter request to NAMA were reviewed.
4. An update on the ½ day workshop proposed for the Fall by Mike and Alex was tabled because neither was present and no report was forwarded.
5. Slate of officers proposed at the April 2, 2014 meeting was presented for ratification by the membership.
a. President Glen Cannon
Vice President Mike Herz
Secretary Lynette Hoy
Treasurer Ofelia Miran

There was a motion to accept the slate as proposed which was passed unanimously.

6. Membership cards were passed out by Lynette Hoy.

7. Next meeting was proposed to be held August 27 at 7:00 pm  in Downer’s Grove 60516.  Glen will contact membership with the location at least one week before the meeting.
8. Motion to adjourn was made by Mary and seconded by Olfelia. Passed unanimously at 6:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Glen Cannon CAMS-III

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