MCNAMA Meeting August 8, 2018

MCNAMA meeting, August 8, 2018. 12 p.m.

Officers present: Glen Cannon, President; Lynette Hoy, Secretary

Plan: Pursue avenues for credentialing and standardizing anger management programs and providers in the State of Illinois.

  1. Plan meeting with Illinois Council on Problem Gambling for ideas about State anger management provider certification.
  2. Plan MCNAMA meeting for November, 2018.
  3. Offer NBCC and IAODAPCA CEUs workshop — Anger and Addictions — in November, 2018.
  4. Reviewed minimum standards as outlined below.*

Meeting adjourned at !:15 p.m.


By Midwest Chapter of National Anger Management Association 3-20-17

One session assessment including: a biopsychosocial history and some form of pretest to get more objective data and to use in research on the program to ensure that the program is evidenced based.

6 sessions of education on anger management with homework*

  1. Information on anger: Demographics and what anger is psychologically, socially and neurologically
  2. Triggers and Cues

3) Strategies for management of episodes of anger

4) Stress management and Relaxation

5) Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive/Behavioral Tools

6) Maintenance and growth

Wrap up session with post testing as part of ensuring a progress of the client and as part of evidenced based research on the program.   This session would also include an anonymous evaluation of the program.

*The classes 1-6 do not have to be in any special order as long as all the information is conveyed over the course of the education sessions.  A minimum of 6 education sessions (totaling 8-12 hours) should be provided along with the two individual sessions at the start and end of the sessions.  Different programs can change the structure as long as the minimum information requirements are met along with the pre and post sessions with some type of testing to prove evidence based programming.

Some clients/students may be evaluated for up to 52 hours of anger management counseling/education if they have committed acts of violence or assault.

NOTE: Providers must be credentialed by National Anger Management Association (NAMA) as: Certified Anger Management Specialist-I or II (CAMS-I or CAMS-II). Providers must be credentialed as CAMS-II to provide assessments and psycho-social services.

For providers/specialists using the Anger Management Institute Expanded Workbook — please see this overview of the program and sessions. Download and print MCNAMA Program Standards.

Next meeting: TBA.

Location: Anger Management Institute. 1200 Harger Rd. Suite 602, Oak Brook, IL. 60523. Call Lynette at: 708-341-5438.

Glen Cannon, LCPC, CAMS-IV, MCNAMA President

Lynette Hoy, NCC, LCPC, CAMS-V, MCNAMA Secretary

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