MCNAMA Chapter Meeting: November 13, 2019

Midwest Chapter of NAMA
Minutes of Board Meeting.  Location:  Oak Brook, IL 60523

Members Present:  Glen Cannon, President; Lynette Hoy, Secretary
Meeting called to order 9:45 a.m.
Financial Report:  $70.65

Continuing Business:  Setting and advertising standards for anger management courses, programs and providers in the Midwest Region.


  1. Where do we go from here? Send email reminder to members and potential members regarding MCNAMA and NAMA standards for providers and programs.
  2. Standard review for live programs include:
  3. A. Assessment: screen to include bio-psycho-social to determine anger Level I or II, rules sheet/guidelines for group or individual sessions, description of program requirements, fee agreement, pre-test; all to be signed by client.
    Level  I:  Low/Mild Score on AMA= 10hrs of evidence-based anger management education over a period of 7-10 weeks.
    Level  II:  Moderate/Severe Score on AMA=16hrs or more of education over a period of 12 weeks.
    B. Program Overview:  Assessment, pre/post tests (use of standardized/validated inventories), 10-16 hours of session work, assignments, Empirically-supported anger management concepts and strategies, maintenance sessions.  Progress reports written weekly and Post-test delivered at final session/exit interview. Post-test: pass at 80%. Note: Anger Management Programs should be evidence-based.
    C. Program Content:  Goals, objectives, interventions, overview of anger including constructive vs destructive elements, physiological process, triggers and cues, cognitive restructuring, behavioral skills (including time-outs, assertiveness, empathy, triggers/cues/strategies), communication, emotional intelligence, stress reduction & relaxation techniques, conflict resolution, forgiveness, triggers identification, personal responsibility, & assertiveness vs aggressiveness.*
  1. Anger Management Provider Standards include:

All providers must meet the National Anger Management Association training program standards for Specialists and must hold active certification by NAMA as: CAMS-I   or CAMS-II.

  1. All MCNAMA and NAMA Members are encouraged to announce MCNAMA/NAMA Anger Management Program and Provider standards to courts, employers, family attorneys/mediators, etc.

Next MCNAMA meeting: Jan. 15, 2020 at 6:30 – 8 p.m. 1200 Harger Rd., Suite 602, Oak Brook, IL 60523. A light supper will be served.

Submitted by Lynette Hoy, MCNAMA Secretary

Note: NAMA members and Certified Anger Management Specialists are encouraged to join this chapter by mailing a $25.00 check payable to: Midwest Chapter of NAMA.  Not a Member of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA)? Learn more about how to become certified as a NAMA Anger Management Specialist.
If you have completed a NAMA approved program from the Anger Management Institute or Growth Central – you may be qualified to obtain the NAMA certification. Then, download a Midwest Chapter of NAMA application and complete and mail your $25.00 membership check to join the chapter!

Our mailing address is:
Midwest Chapter of NAMA
P.O. Box 5823
Naperville, IL 60567

Or Pay the Midwest Chapter of NAMA Membership Fee of $25 through PayPal online.

Please contact with questions.

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