MCNAMA Board Meeting, Dec. 18, 2020


12-18-20 @ 7pm

Attendees: Lynette Hoy, Kimberly Thomas, Dan Hostetler, Terry Roseborough

Called to order at 7:05pm


Welcome and Introductions- Everyone checked in on how they were doing. 

Secretary’s Report- Minutes for the previous meeting and this meeting will be approved in the next month. 

Treasurer’s Report- Financial report has not changed since the last meeting held on November 18, 2020.

Membership- Lynette provided details on current membership and how members are recruited. We discussed how to be more intentional about staying connected with members and assessing how the Chapter could be more beneficial. 

1) New Business➢ Goals for 2021

a. Outreach (Membership Engagement)- Kimberly proposed we implement a process for membership engagement. Dan gave insight and proposed reviewing and updating our marketing material and website in order to ensure we are adequately prepared. Board members were asked to review the website for revision. Lynette will report back on current marketing strategies for trainings. We want to ensure there is no conflict of interests. 
b. Event Plans (Trainings/Conference)- We are in the process of creating training opportunities for members. We will reconnect at the next meeting to discuss 2nd2021 goal for the Chapter. 

2) Set next meeting- 1/18/21

3) Adjourn @ 7pm

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